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Vogue 7592

Cadets at LouAnne's House of Beauty and Space Hostess Training relax in two of the six approved Space Hostess Poses before their three-day comprehensive exams, which start tomorrow.

The exams determine not only vocational placements for each cadet but also the hairstyles, makeup, and clothing the cadets will be allowed to wear throughout their five-year probational service in the International Space Transit program. The exams are daylong ordeals of drink-serving, emergency procedures, and hair setting and waving. Cadets are allowed one four hour watch in every twenty-four to refresh their makeup and watch uplifting in-flight movies.

Graduates of LouAnne's are considered leaders in the Space Hostess field, and are assured their choice of the placements they qualify for, including the prestigious São Paulo-Marsport run.

This pattern courtesy of Sheila at Out of the Ashes, who is offering an extra 15% off through the end of today (Monday the 15th).

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28 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story

  1. I worked at Disney World the year it opened (1973)and that reminds me very much of the costumes the girls wore who worked at the monorail station. I believe they DID have hats. The outfits were royal blue and lime green for the center part I think…


  2. Poor choice of fabric and trim, but the dress itself has potential. Id maybe do it in burgundy, and lose the ruffle. Nobody needs a ruffle at crotch level. I think Id do a strip of flat bias trim.


  3. I have to agree that no one rivals your creativity when it comes to these little conversations, but I have to respectfully disagree with the lace at crotch level comment…after all, EVERY girl needs a little lace here and THERE…


  4. OMG! I wondered why they had built-in aprons. Are they the kitchen staff in the zeppelin fleet? Oh, and my Moms name was Darla. Ha ha ha. –Karen


  5. Ah, home-ec teachers! My home-ec teacher neglected to tell one of my classmates about one way fabric before she started cutting out. At our class fashion show the poor child wore a dress made out of toile with a huge French chateau right-side up on the front, and upside-down on the back. I was appalled.


  6. You did it again. So funny. Love the others comments, too. This is a very strange design. As much as I love aprons, why would one deliberately wear this one?


  7. Gosh, can you imagine what an insulting anniversary gift this would make from a husband to a wife, especially if the apron part was in a contrasting fabric? (But the girl at the store said any wife would LOVE it! / You cant mean Cindy WALLIS? Shes been trying to break us up for YEARS! )


  8. Uh-huh, looks like Darla was already partaking of the coffee pot with that oops expression hand-to-face. A little wind to inflate that apron sail?


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