Chic Sheathness

I love this pattern Tina found (at What-I-Found): 


Especially the Princess lines and the dolman sleeves together — I think that looks so "modern," in the retro sense of the word. 

Of course, anything with lines like this makes me think of color-blocking (dark gray! with a chartreuse yellow center panel!) but I can't figure out how to add pockets here, other than patch ones. Hmm. Any suggestions? 

I didn't buy this pattern as I have a sneaking suspicion that I already did, at one point. I just can't find it. (And yes, I know that one guaranteed way to find it would be to buy this and have it arrive in the mail, at which point my first copy would turn up, but that seems kind of wasteful.) So it's fair game, ladies. Go for it! 

14 thoughts on “Chic Sheathness

  1. Is the hand of the gray-dressed lady already in a pocket? Or is it resting on her pleat?

    I guess you could add side inseam pockets but the dress doesn’t give you much room. (And possibly lacks a side seam if drawing is to go by.) This looks like one of the dresses where the lady was always carrying a cutesy little clutch purse to hold her ephemera.


  2. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a side seam too… I’d suggest making a honkin’ big pocket on the front by creating a second (shorter) layer of the center panel and encasing it at the princess seam… which would be awesome but would give you a rather odd silhouette when you put your stuff in there.


  3. I had a dress similar to this back in the early 90’s, I think. Create a pocket in the front side seam (or even if it wraps to the back).

    1) Trace off the FS pattern piece.
    2) cut one FS where you want the pocket top to be (+SA). Call it “A”.
    3) lay the other FS over it and cut off where you want the bottom of the pocket to be (+SA). Call it “B”.
    4) cut a pocket the length of what A and B overlap (+SA).
    5) Sew the top of the pocket piece to the top of A and the bottom of the pocket to the bottom of B.
    6) With the pocket sandwiched between A & B, (so A overlaps B again) stitch within the sideseam area of the pocket.

    Hopefully, if I explained this well enough, you now have your original FS piece and can proceed with following the pattern instructions. Sewistafashionista’s honkin big pocket is the same as this, I suspect. Hope this works for you.


  4. Please don’t put pockets in this dress – if you carry anything in them it would totally spoil the line.
    Ever thought of carrying a purse?


  5. How about those sort-of patch pockets that go right at the front of the hip, like you sometimes see on kids’ pants? Kind of a rectangle with a scoop cut out at the opening. I wish I knew the name of them. You could do them in the yellow from the center front panel. Wow. This just sounds worse and worse, the more I type. But I think it could be cool as long as the pockets remain empty.


  6. Continue the princess seams down into the skirt with a wider skirt, like the pattern from your 6/28/10 post (McCalls 8998). Then put pockets into those seams. (Only wearable with the wider skirt, like I think you pointed out before.)

    ‘Course, you were liking the narrow skirt… With those poufy waist gathers, and the narrowing skirt, it looks to me both very unforgiving/unflattering and impossible to walk in.


  7. Great dress for those of us who still has a waist. Remember, the ideal used to be bust and hips the same, waist 10 inches less. Hmm. I wish!


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