Oh, sure!


I've been thinking about skirts lately, and came across this one from Jen at MOMSPatterns. It's got SIXTEEN GORES! And it recommends PLAIDS! There is not a single alternate reality across the multiverse where I have the time, the patience, or the number of pins necessary to match a plaid across SIXTEEN GORES. 

In fact, the reason that the plaid example here is oddly truncated is because the model's HEAD FELL OFF while she was completing the skirt. And she's just an illustration! Imagine what would happen to a real person.

I recommend you to to MOMSPatterns to look at this pattern and marvel, and then click around to take advantage of her sale – 
you can save 25% using coupon code 'costumes' through midnight (EST) on Sunday (August 29, 2010). The sale is good on ALL
items, even patterns in the sale section



20 thoughts on “Oh, sure!

  1. “there is not a single alternate reality across the multiverse where I have the time, the patience, or the number of pins necessary to match a plaid across SIXTEEN GORES. ”

    oh, come on now. OF COURSE there is! What do you think alternate reality multiverses are FOR?


  2. Plaid? For the woman who sews… and does nothing else maybe! Now I’m a quilter so I immediately thought those 16 gores would be a good way to use up some of my scrap fabrics. For a casual summer skirt, of course, with a little white tee shirt. Hey, it’s no worse than matching a plaid on the bias 16 times.


  3. What…no comments on crazy scarf lady? What in the world is she holding? It’s too narrow to be an umbrella, and the handle is wrong for your classic walking stick or cane.


  4. Yikes! LOL

    Seriously, are they gores or just pleats? If they are pleats, matching the plaids is a piece of cake. I love this pattern, but if one has large hips, one might think twice about plaids.


  5. They are pleated gores, so any little imperfections in matching will be hidden and/or forgiven, visually. The seams are hidden behind the pleats. But I wouldn’t make this in plaid fabric, either. It’s busy enough without that complication.


  6. I don’t even want to match plaid on one seam. If I had to do 16 gores I’d lob my own head off with my pinking shears!


  7. I think she is carrying a shooting stick, kind of a walking stick that has a folding seat.javascript:coreFrame.prodLink(‘../media/ss1-big.jpg’,”);


  8. Soooo funny!

    If I had to make a 16-gore skirt where the plaid matched up, I’d make it out of a solid and then draw the plaid on the finished skirt with Sharpies.


  9. I’m not even brave enough to make skirts with any gores, let along matching all of those plaids! If my head didn’t fall off in the process, I’m pretty sure I would pull it off. Ouch!


  10. Erin: I agree, but we all know there aren’t enough pins in the multiverse anyway.

    Colleen: that does look like a shooting stick. Very Hercule Perot.

    Doris: I love the sharpie idea. So glas they come in colors.


  11. I must say, however, the plaid version as shown is pretty cool looking! (But then, the illustrations so often look better than what you end up with.)


  12. you have to understand that back when this pattern was new, women had more time for sewing and they only made a few skirts a year and a dress or two. at least that was my experience. Also fabric was better quality and easier to work with.


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