Sewing Spaces

Denise at the Blue Gardenia is doing a series on Sewing Spaces on her blog, and I'm entranced. 

I promised her I'd send her my writeup soon, but in the meantime, you should check it out.

Here's a quick teaser picture of some of my sewing books while you wait … 


9 thoughts on “Sewing Spaces

  1. De-lurking to say I love the American Maid figurine in front! I have The Tick and Arthur living in my sewing/craft area. Thrakkorzog used to live there too, but one of the cats took a deep disliking to him and he disappeared down a heating vent one day.


  2. Cool! ‘Sewing Made Easy’ by Mary Roach is like my favorite of all time. I’ve got a slightly older, 1950s version – I got it at the state fair for a dollar – the next year I went back and found the 1960s update and bought it for my mom. That’s my go-to book for all kinds of things, including delicious eye candy!


  3. I love the old sewing books, I’ve got more than a few…may favorite is an old knitting book from the 1940s, which I’ve actually used to crochet a hat. I need to finish that hat, wire it and then show it off to the masses!


  4. E’ strabellissimo questo sito non pensavo ci fossero tante persone appassionate come me.Sto cercando anche di leggere il libro in inglese anche se faccio un po’ fatica a capire tutto


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