If I Were A Betting Woman


I wish there were some kind of Tote for betting whether certain dresses will appear at awards shows. I suppose there's some kind of problem with it (e.g., enterprising starlets could back a certain designer and then make a killing by just wearing the right dress) but it would be a lot more fun than fantasy football, in my opinion.

If there were such an animal, I'd put my money on this J. Mendel gown. Jewelry-friendly neckline, interesting color/pattern, and you could actually eat some of those cocktail-hour canapés in it, no? 

I'd like to see this with very strappy, very high bronze (or copper) platform sandals. And a matching clutch. But no sapphires; too matchy-matchy. Rose gold, maybe? Opals would be more interesting. (Does anyone else believe the superstition that buying an opal for yourself is bad luck? I would be draped in opals if I didn't believe this, I swear.)

You know who would look great in this? Emily Deschanel

24 thoughts on “If I Were A Betting Woman

  1. I agree with you! This is a beautiful dress and Opals would be excellent with this.

    I did not know buy an opal for yourself is bad luck! I remember buying a beautiful opal set and somehow it just disappeared. I figured that one of my sister did the borrow and never return thing.

    Now I will have to search for it!


  2. All well said, although I’ve never heard any superstitions about opals. However, I can solve your problem – buy me the opals and I’ll gift them back to you after a suitable interval of say a few decades or so. 😛


  3. That is a gorgeous dress. You could even put pockets in the skirt and it wouldn’t ruin the lines. Then you wouldn’t need to carry a matching clutch, unless you really wanted to.

    Love the idea of the copper platform shoes. I think they would look fantastic!


  4. On a topic related to sewing dresses, but not related to this post… if I may…

    My BabyLock Crafters Choice machine just DIED MISERABLY for the second time this year. The first time, back in February, I drove the 2 hours to the nearest authorized service center to get it fixed. Yeah, right.

    Has anyone else had experience with Baby Lock? Are they always this junky? I’d love input from the sewing community. Thanks.


  5. I heard that it was bad luck to buy opals for yourself unless it was your birthstone. (Perhaps I only heard this after revealing that it was my birthstone!)


  6. Odd…my husband says he’d love to buy me opals but he believes it is bad luck to give them as gifts! My only opal was given to me when I stood up in a wedding. The bride and groom divorced 2 years later, when she was pregnant and he was sneaking off with his secretary.


  7. I didn’t know the superstition about opals. And I recently got one implanted in my head! Hm, if my dermal anchor piercing goes awry, I can blame the opal.


  8. Gorgeous gress, it would look wonderful with opals, but I’d prefer silvery or pewter shoes with it.

    I heard the superstition about opals but don’t believe it. I have several and love them.


  9. Beautiful dress; what gems wouldn’t look good? Couldn’t the model do a bit more with her hair?

    And, Tracy, I find the machine reviews on the Pattern Review Web site to be helpful. I recently shopped for a new machine and found an irresistible deal on a Bernina, but the Babylock and Pfaff machines looked good too.


  10. Gotta say, I love that slideshow of the entire line. The only ones I didn’t like were a couple of the red ones, which is odd, since I’m usually nutty about red.


  11. Sorry to disagree. I would guess this would NOT show up in the cinema awards circuit because it is not Hollywood-sexy enough around the shoulders. If it narrowed to slender shoulder-straps or veered in as a halter…then yes! Gorgeous material, skirt drape and color. But despite the deep vee, the top half of the dress (the important half for many photos after all) is not screaming Hollywood at me. However, I could be oh so wrong!


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