A Resounding "Meh"

So at first I was thrilled to hear that Liberty and Apple were collaborating on a line of Liberty-print laptop cases and bags: two of my favorite things, together! My current laptop sleeve is nicely utilitarian, but is the world's most boring taupe-y gray. (I think it's the color androids paint their living rooms.)

And then I actually clicked through, to see: 

Picture 1

Meh, right? I mean, there are literally dozens of Liberty fabric designs currently available, and they picked one that shouts "Grandma's Nightgown"? They also do a leather Ianthe, but Ianthe is the Liberty version of Death By Chocolate—sure, it's nice and all, but it's not SURPRISING.

I mean, even Strawberry Thief would be cooler than this pattern (Edenham). C'mon: Apple, Liberty, I know you can do better than this. WWSJD?

8 thoughts on “A Resounding "Meh"

  1. Oh boy those are disappointing…reminds me of when I went to London and went to a store that specializes in Liberty fabrics, fully prepared to shell out the big pounds for a treat, and couldn’t find a single pattern in stock that inspired me enough to purchase. Meh indeed.


  2. Ouch! That Grandma’s Nightgown choice IS horrible! Very “Little House on the Prairie”.

    Don’t they want something on a darker background, so scuffs won’t show?

    My favorite lately is Mirabelle (also pretty in the lavender colorway) but it’s white, too.


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