Can I Throw A Party At Your Place?

So, if you haven't noticed, the US edition of The Secret Lives of Dresses is coming out February 10. 

I thought it would be fun to have a vintage-themed dressup party for the launch that day (it's a Thursday night), but I need what they call a "venue"! Does anyone know a friendly Bay Area [CA] vintage-store owner who would like to help me out?

The idea would be that I'd show up with copies of the book, invite folks to come in their vintage finery, match-make vintage from the store for customers (as Dora does in the book)  and make up mini-Secret Lives for things on the spot. 

If you have just the right place, please email me and let me know — I'd love to get this set up sooner rather than later as things are getting really busy, all of a sudden! (Aren't things supposed to be SLOW in January? So far, that's Not Happening.)


18 thoughts on “Can I Throw A Party At Your Place?

  1. This sounds like it would be so much fun. I’d wait to buy my copy to get it signed in person. Oh, how I wish I lived in the bay area right about now ( or in a month ). Just maybe I’ll use some of those air miles.


  2. I don’t have a place to offer up but I’d definitely like to attend! Maybe try smaller sewing shops (like Bobbin’s Nest in Santa Clara) that do specialty fabrics. I could see their customers being into it.


  3. I think this sounds like a wonderful idea, and would be MORE than willing to attend. I think the idea of Bobbin’s Nest is a great one, too. They have some vintage-y inspired sewing patterns, and great fabrics and yarns, too. Plus, it’s a nice environment.
    Other than that, I can offer no opinions about venue. I guess I don’t get out that often! heh.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

    ~jacqueline b.


  4. Hi, Erin,
    You might want to contact Karen Anderson owner of at Mercy Vintage on Piedmont Ave in Oakland, right next to the movie theater. We both read Melissa Houtte’s book “Alligators, Old Mink and New Money” and she supports local writers.
    Also, make sure you contact my friend, writer Moya Stone over at Overdressed for Life:
    I might be able to talk her into attending this event with me. She writes for several publications including her blog. And if she won’t go, I know about 7 other people who would.
    I’ve worked at Lacis. I’m not sure if they’d be interested in hosting this kind of event but you could try talking to the manager, whose name is also Erin. (The owner is very discerning about the use of his space, shall we say.)

    Suzette L. Davidson
    Malvena Pearl’s Emporium


  5. Hi Erin,
    It’s not a vintage shop, but Eddie’s Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale has 2 classrooms above the store, and sells a lot of sewing machines and teaches sewing for clothing as well as quilts. I’m so thrilled you’re in the Bay Area now (though I was a fan when you were in Chicago, too) and hope I can come wherever you wind up having your party.


  6. Well, I’m “Event Coordinator” at a church, St. Stephen’s in Belvedere (Marin County) and we have a lovely large parish hall, but we are not a fabric shop, or even a costume shop. Let me know if you still need a venue and would like to invite such shop-owners to a large, well-lighted hall to show off their stuffs, bustles, and wares! I will need to move the AA group downstairs, but would be happy to do this! I love your blog!

    Anne Brown
    cell: 415.717.3402 (see the website for a virtual tour!


  7. Just read your real book. I’m in Sydney but used to live in Sunnyvale and right now I wish I could be there for your book launch. A few of my dresses could tell you some stories. Thanks for a wonderful read.


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