By The Numbers


I love this (admittedly blinding) vintage cotton numbers fabric from Etsy seller thoroughbredthreads, but there's only a yard of it. What to do?

There is no excuse to ever be bored, by the way, if you have internet access and can type "novelty fabric" into Etsy's search window. You are sure to find stuff like this:


and this: 


My favorite thing about Etsy is that it seems to run to quilting-lengths, which I'm hardly ever tempted to buy (my fabric-buying philosophy being "go big or go home"). So it's pure window-shopping. Even when confronted with stuff like this

12 thoughts on “By The Numbers

  1. Make an A-line skirt in a complementary color, then applique rectangulish sections of the numbers fabric onto it? Ideally, it would give the impression of a fabric with number-blocks separated by solid bars.


  2. Etsy sellers such as myself may list their fabric in fat quarters, 1/2 or 1 yard “quilt” lengths, but nearly all have more on the bolt, next time, just ask and I’m guessing there’s more to be had!


  3. Make it the center panel in a princess-seamed dress made out of coordinating solid cotton fabric! I’ve done that before with cute-but-expensive or exceptionally busy cotton prints-as well as taking a fifties-style midriff-banded dress and making the midriff band and straps out of the fabric. It’s had good results for me in the past, and it can really make a dress pop without being overwhelming.


  4. Hardly ever tempted to buy? Easy for you to say. I sell doll clothes to enable my fabric habit – I can make a cute dress in as little as half a yard. It’s actually a huge problem.


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