9 thoughts on “The Obsession Returns

  1. I think that it is a gorgeous dress, man would I love to have it. It is impossible to find pretty dresses anymore. It is so cute that it is a size 22 1/2, but has a picture of probably a size 3 model. Wait, maybe it will make me “look” that small too. Maybe that’s what slenderette means. (Grin)


  2. Ooh, I hope the Secret Lives of Dresses signing went well last night! Would love to have witnessed your penning of one-line dress stories on the spot (what a great party trick that must be!). Did anyone film (or even take pictures)of the event? Guess you’ll tell us in the fullness of time…


  3. Hi! I love love love your blog! (I know I seem excited with all these exclamation marks but I do love it). I taught myself to sew recently, mostly on vintage apron patterns,(lots of youtube and ruined bedsheets) but have quickly developed an obsession with making dresses from vintage patterns. I scour estate sales all summer long and my husband thinks I’m half mad. I feel I have found a kindred lost-in-time spirit.


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