Wait, There Were Oscars?

Advance 7942 Suzy Perette

I kid, I kid. At some point I will look at the pictures and opine, but really, in the Universe According to Erin, Christina Hendricks shows up in this Suzy Perette number, and everyone else goes home.

Christina, if you need this, check out the eBay auction. There's still time to bid! 


6 thoughts on “Wait, There Were Oscars?

  1. Oh My Word, you are so right – Christina, my hips hero, in that dress and everyone else hangs their head and walks silently from the room. Because no other response is even an option.


  2. I love Christina Hendricks. Have you seen Pin Up Girl Clothing and Bettie Page clothing model Doris MayDay? Talk about gorgeous curves! And she is a very nice person as well.


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