Laura Ashley?


I didn't realize Laura Ashley still made dresses (I was still thinking of them as your go-to for floral tissue-box covers) but hey, here's one, and it's lovely. Big pockets! Cap sleeves! Blue flowers!

I didn't check if they ship to the US, and it's on the expensive side in pounds anyway (I always want to write "pounds sterling" — I'm sure there's a difference, but I've never been enlightened as to what that difference is).

Someone very nice sent me this link. I can't find the email now. Take credit in the comments, please!

7 thoughts on “Laura Ashley?

  1. It’s just to distinguish it from other currencies that use pounds (there are some others), as well as pounds in weight. It’s kind of like saying ‘American dollars’ to distinguish them from Canadian/Australian/etc. dollars.


  2. Ooh, I do love a Laura Ashley frock! Sometimes I think I’m the only person in their 20s that shops their, but they invariably have an array of floral full skirted numbers, and thinking about it, every dress I own from there has pockets. Bonus!


  3. I posted the link in the comments on the eyelet dress post, so it might have been me! There is some weird US/UK Laura Ashley copyright thing going on – I noticed recently that all the McCall’s Laura Ashley sewing patterns are specifically for sale in the US only, which is very odd, I’ve never come across that in a pattern book before. So they may not be allowed to ship to the US.


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