Today's Pattern Story (and Wishlist): McCalls 3699


Blue-Green View is totally checking out the woman in black's butt, isn't she? She's cleverly distracted Pink View with flowers sent by a "secret admirer" so she can put the moves on Black View. Her next stratagem? To find a "smudge" on Black View's backside so she can casually brush it off.

Too bad Black View is looking out into the middle distance, thinking about cake.

I really, really want this pattern — anyone got one in this size (or one down) that is for sale? Birgit at Stitches and Loops had one, but darnit, I was Too Late. Although you should really check out this shirtdress she has now, and this pocketed beauty … 


10 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story (and Wishlist): McCalls 3699

  1. I personally think black view is thinking” This girdle is too damn tight and do I really have to stand this close to Adele? Her perfume stinks!” Meanwhile pink view has masked the smell of Adele with the bouquet and is high tailing it to a place she can lose her girdle!

    Have a great weekend , I love to visit and get a good laugh everyday!


  2. Erin, I think the shirtwaist with curved pockets would be perfect for you. This is, of course, based on the fact that I know nothing at all about you except that you like shirt-waist dresses with pockets and without inset sleeves (which I don’t understand, by the way). It’s just that when I looked at that pattern, I thought “Erin, by this one!” Feel free to ignore me, as I’m also thinking of Spring cleaning this weekend.


  3. I love that your story lines are sometimes homoerotic. I’ve always thought that fashion illustration was weirdly gay (in the best way). “Predatory,” to quote a late 90s webber.

    Blue is totally going to jump black. She’s going to run her fingertips along Black’s back neckline.


  4. Hi Erin, did you ever find a copy of this pattern? It’s a fab dress, I love the gathered hip yokes. I have come across a copy in a size 16 (bust 34), if you’re still interested. I’m sure we could work something out – do get in touch.


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