Today's Pattern Story: Butterick 7101


Brown: Don't you think we should help her out of that hole? I would, but my right arm is broken and hanging at this awkward angle.

Blue: Look! Hummingbirds!

Black: I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a rope and winch today.

Pattern via Lisa at the Vintage Fashion Library. (There is SO MUCH good stuff there right now, peoples!) 

9 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Butterick 7101

  1. And you get 15% off from now till tax day with coupon code BULLDOGS. Pass it along to your friends, too.

    Thanks for the shout out, Erin!


  2. I agree! I love to stop by and crack up at your pattern posts! Maybe one day, I will attempt to sew a dress again. I seem to have gotten stuck in quilting mode, which I find so much easier than actually making clothes. You really inspire me though…


  3. I know I’m way late to the party on this one, but I featured a very similar Butterick pattern in a recent post on my blog:

    Two of the stylish Vintage Pattern Envelope Ladies in my blog post are wearing dresses in the same shades of blue and brownish-tan, and the style of the dresses are kind of similar. I don’t think there’s a date on my pattern, but my guess is mid-1950s.


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