Oh Yeah.


I'm pretty sure I've posted about the original version of this Vogue pattern before, in a kind of wailing, "why oh why has the correct size forsaken me?" way. Well, Vogue heard my cries and put this in their Vintage Vogue line. 

Usually I'm not much of one for Vintage Vogue, but this one is great. Seriously great. I have one (mostly) made up and it went together like a dream. (Be sure to read the PatternReview.com reviews for helpful hints, including that you should cut the shoulders a bit smaller if you're not going to use the shoulder pads. And seriously: don't use the shoulder pads. My philosophy of shoulder pads is that you shouldn't ever wear something that would cause someone hugging you to think "what the heck is that?")

This is going to work REALLY well with Liberty Tana lawn, so expect to see it early and often. I added pockets (duh), and I underlined the midriff front with silk organza (I also reinforced the seam allowance where I'm adding the zipper with silk organza) to give it a little body. [Silk organza is wonderful, and you can buy it really cheaply in beige and black from Dharma Trading,here.]

It's working well so far … all that's left is putting in the zipper and hemming it, so expect finished pics soon. Even better, I managed to finally use a gorgeous piece of fabric that was too narrow and limp for anything else I've ever tried to make with it. I swear I've hauled out this fabric, ironed it, laid out pattern pieces on it, and wistfully folded it away every damn year since 1998.


15 thoughts on “Oh Yeah.

  1. Love this pattern, and can’t wait to see it finished. It’s on my ‘to do someday’ list, but I need to master my ‘large FBA’ technique first.


  2. Gorgeous dress, _and_ you’ve reduced your stash? Brilliant!

    Re shoulder pads, I’ll never forget the day my Nanna (mother’s mother) declared she “didn’t need” shoulder pads because she didn’t have “sloping shoulders” – i.e., she thought they were a sort of prosthetic device for people with unnaturally droopy shoulders #-) Still makes me chuckle.


  3. So funny…Casey over at Elegant Musings blog just did this very dress in a white jersey. It looked really lovely. I hadn’t thought about this pattern previously, but now maybe I would? But all those gatherings keep me a bay. I really need to get on the gathering/ruffling foot stick.


  4. So pretty! Do you have any tips/tutorials on altering shoulders to remove shoulder pad space–especially on a pattern with sleeves?


  5. Oh, I love that pattern! I’ve been looking at it for months, but I think I’d look awful in it. You ARE going to show us yours when it’s finished, aren’t you. Sounds heavenly.


  6. I’m SO excited to see your version of it, because I haven’t loved the “real life” pictures that Vogue has. And I have wanted to like this pattern so much… 🙂


  7. Erin’s back! I’m so happy now. I missed the humor and inspiration while you were gone.
    This is a gorgeous dress, and I admire it everytime I go on the Vogue patterns site. I really look forward to seeing your finished product. I don’t think it will work for me very well, with my short waist that is rapidly getting shorter. I have a vision of the lovely flat midriff getting all bunched up and the gathered bodice section shlumped down over it. Seems like it would need a lot of boning or other reinforcement, which is a bit much for a little summer dress.


  8. Wow – thanks for the tip on Dharma Trading! Even if I pay duty – being in Europe – that is way better than €58 supposedly discounted to €30 a metre! this is a gorgeous dress, and I will hunt for the pattern and order some of this silk organza from Dharma right now!


  9. Anelie’s Nana was correct actually. In case someone else happens across this doing a google search. Shoulder pads ARE recommended in all of my vintage fitting and sewing books for, yes, drooping or sloping shoulders. Wonder what other gems of advice and knowledge we have missed by dismissing the words of our elderly?


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