I'm Only Happy When It's Complicated

It may just be the crashing head cold I have while writing this (blogging on Dayquil: the package doesn't say you shouldn't do it) but this dress seems really appealing right now:

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 12.46.48 PM

I like this color blue (or is it green?), and the pleats in the skirt, and the odd collar. Not entirely sure how I feel about the descended pocket, but I'm willing to take it under consideration. The whole thing is more than a little Star-Trekky; not in a bad way, in some future Star Trek universe where Martha Stewart and her heirloom-chicken-egg colors had their way with the petroleum-based fabrics of the future. 

Did I mention I like those skirt pleats? I really do. It's a complicated dress, and I don't care how much disheveled hair and leather bracelet and casually.jpgcked grassy/flower things you add to the picture, it's still going to be complicated. And note that you can't see any shoes in the picture, I have no idea what you'd wear with these. (Round-toe pumps with a low square heel is my best guess.)

This is one of those dresses, though, that look best on body types that are 80% limb; and, of course, on models who are pogoing up and down for the camera. I know that jumping makes the clothes move and everything look alive, but jeez, it seems a bit hard on the knees. And, really, how much jumping up and down do we do in our day-to-day lives? (Maybe if you're a game-show contestant? A trampoline tester? Pogo-stick demonstrator?)

It's for sale. In Australia, although it looks like you can buy it with NZ money, too. Speaking of Australia, I'll be there in December. Should we try for a meetup?  

Thanks to Yvonne for the link! 

24 thoughts on “I'm Only Happy When It's Complicated

  1. hmm complicated – and you know, terrible on anyone who has womanly curves, and maybe, just maybe, the pleaty tucked in thing going on at the side might look like you just left the loo in a hurry….. But the colour is gorgeous?


  2. I’ve never been to Australia. Yet! I want to go…because it’s the Queen of the millinery industry. Yep, they’re more in to hats than the U.K. I love how there’s a morning tea with your event, Erin. What fun. Australia in December. What a great way to get ready for Christmas. Go Down Under!


  3. Duck egg green? I like it. If it’s two pieces, then you could still wear the skirt without the top. The top could do with a bust dart to give it some shape as even the model looks squashed. The extended pocket will make the top look very ‘last year’ very soon, but having cute little bound pockets in that top is adorable. I’m not taking Dayquil, but I like it. 😉


  4. I do love this color! But I can’t tell how the bodice is connected to the skirt, or if they really are attached at all. It looks like two separates.
    In any case, I’m off to get some Dayquil in the hopes it will make my blog smart and funny.
    Get well soon!


  5. I like it because it’s different, too, but the problem with that dress is, the woman who is thin enough to pull it off would look more spectacular in something else.


  6. Maybe Dayquil would help this head cold…I love that color, but think that the pocket should be removed. Pockets should be functional, don’t you agree


  7. I like the color, I like that it’s complicated, and I even like the little dangling pocket. Although if I look at it for too long it reminds me of the pockets on someone’s ratty old Daisy Duke shorts.

    Shoes? You know she’s wearing a gladiator style sandal with more straps and buckles that a pack saddle, all baggey around her ankles, probably with five inch heels or on platforms. Yak.


  8. “in some future Star Trek universe where Martha Stewart and her heirloom-chicken-egg colors had their way with the petroleum-based fabrics of the future.”

    Best description of a garment EVER.


  9. Oh, you will love Melbourne! Fashion capital of Australia! Check out boutiques in Melbourne’s laneways (eg Flinders Lane) and try to get to Brunswick for more vintage/cool looks. Tessuti fabrics (in Flinders Lane) has great fabrics, and Haighs has the best chocolate frogs!


  10. I live in Australia but a LONG way from Melbourne. Looks like a very interesting conference. I hope some of the ideas find their way into the curriculum. I have kids who will be affected by moving to a national curriculum


  11. I’m from Australia (no not Melbourne)and frankly – I’m a little shocked. The colour is fine. The pocket looks like a sewing mishap. The skirt looks nice – pleats, nice. The hem is interesting. Either a) it is an aesthetically pleasing feature or b) the hemline got caught in the over-locker during finishing or c) she accidentally tucked one side of the hem into her knickers after using the conveniences whilst aboard the Starship. The store (Cue) is known for good quality, stylish yet sometimes quirky pieces. Moonboots are the only option for this frock.


  12. You know I’m like that too…my mother says I do complicated knitting patterns. I’m happiest when I’ve got furrow in my brow, a frown on my face and scowl in my throat…ripping back a sweater. Hah. I don’t need to worry about purgatory. I’m living it. Hah.


  13. Complicated…yes. Odd…yes. Quirky enough that I might even like it if it didn’t have that dress stuck in the pantyhose thing going on! As for the pocket, if you lengthened the top to the bottom of the pocket Voila! pocket hanging out solved! As for what shoes…why platform espadrilles of course!


  14. The conference sounds brilliant – my children are very young but already I’m waging battles against pockets of “dumbing down” in the English curriculum (not the kind of pockets that would appeal to anyone). I’m sure it will be mutual love between you and Melbourne!


  15. I love this color! It’s so different, and yet it’s not too much where you stand out. I feel like it could be paired with heels, or some old boots.


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