And We're Back …

Man, did I have a GREAT time in Australia. Melbourne was gorgeous (and not just because it's coming on summer there) and delicious and everyone was so nice! Totally worth the marathon flight to get there, and I am definitely going back as soon as I can … 

Posts are coming this week about the fabric I bought in Tokyo (Tokyo is on the way to Australia. If you are me and my preferred frequent-flier airline), a report from the book event in Melbourne, and a couple more Vogue 8728s that I managed to squeeze in before leaving this hemisphere.

I know some folks have asked to see me in a 8728, so here's a nice picture from the lovely Vireya (she's the tall and elegant person in this picture): 


The sweater is a couple of years old now, from J. Crew … the watch is this one, and the glasses are new and pink (from Zoff in Japan!) and don't really go, but they were new and I had to wear them. (You know how it is.)

It's nice to be back!

5 thoughts on “And We're Back …

  1. Did Zoff fill your existing prescription or did you get a new exam? I sooooo want to pick up a pair from them. The new flexible Zoff Smart’s look amazing! Which location did you use and any language barriers?

    Can’t wait to see the fabric haul.


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