More Fabric!

You didn't think that piece of Liberty from last week was the only fabric I bought in Japan, did you? Perish the thought. :-) 

Here's the rest of my haul, this all from Tomato Fabric in Tokyo. First up: blue and mustard camo!


This is a really nice weight, and the blue is a little darker — not as teal as in this photo (not that teal is a bad thing). 

I'm not a huge Kokka fan but this print was just irresistable:


(I've been really drawn to that mustard color lately. I love it with red, so interesting!)

Another adorable conversation print (this is a nice heavy weight): 


There was also some plaid corduroy, so I bought it. Wouldn't you?


I also bought a single yard of this crazy super-narrow number fabric:


I forget who the designer is, but I saw it first made up into scarves in a department store in Japantown here in San Francisco, and loved it. But not enough to spend whatever the department store wanted, obviously. I probably should have bought two yards, because what the heck am I going to do with a yard of 22" wide fabric, I don't know. (It was still expensive even in Japan!) But I'll think of something …

Just looking at all these makes me want to jump up and start cutting things out, but it will probably be a few weeks until I have a little space clear for making these up. Suggestions welcome!

14 thoughts on “More Fabric!

  1. Suggestion for the narrow fabric – split it down the centre, stictch it into a long piece, back it with some lightweight silk and you have your scarf, the join will be at the back of your neck so no-one will see it!


  2. I agree with Fiona. Making the scarf this way will allow you to have the numbers right side up on each end of the scarf, too. You could back it with red or mustard colored silk – or split the lining as well!


  3. Great collection. I like mustard too but it is mean to me as well. The camo looks like rippling water, sun & shade, .. feminine … And I see a lot of determined movement in the cool VW print –- legs striding under a short-ish straight skirt.


  4. Inspired by your awesome new stash of fabric, I’ve added not breaking every sewing machine I’ve ever owned, learning how to sew, and shopping for fabric in Tokyo to my bucket list.


  5. I like the idea of the number fabric as cuffs, but I think the print might be too sparse for that to work well. What about as the center element in a pieced bodice?


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