Yet Another 1577

A few weeks back I took a look at the laundry pile and thought “I need to make another 1577.” So here it is:
Liberty 1577

Here’s a better look at the bodice, which is Liberty city poplin ordered in a weak moment from Shaukat:

Liberty 1577 bodice

And here are the pockets:

Liberty 1577 pocket

As usual this dress is super-comfortable, with huge pockets (I can fit a whole Moleskine notebook in one). This particular Liberty print, as well, is super-powered — I’m traveling in it today because it is SO BUSY that it’s nearly impossible to stain. Seriously, I bet I could take a full ketchup dousing and come off fine. It’s that good.

Speaking of Liberty, I just noticed that Shaukat has a new category — “Seymour Stretch Poplin“. Has anyone sewn with this yet? Supposedly it has 2% elastane, which is a good thing, but they also say it’s lightweight, like Tana lawn … it’s so pretty, though!

7 thoughts on “Yet Another 1577

  1. Oooh this is really fab, it’s so hard to find heavier cottons in Liberty, I found absolutely in the current range that had any body to it. That Seymour Stretch Poplin is almost certainly the same light weight cotton (like lawn with stretch)that I bought and used a few years back for a shirt.It’s lovely and it’s easy to work with but it’s pretty much lawn.


  2. I keep coming back to your blog and I never fail to fall in love with more adorable dresses. I love how functional this one looks–I’m a sucker for pockets, and the cut has great detail that also looks quite comfortable. Do you sew these dresses yourself? Do you use a pattern or do you just go for it? They look great!


  3. That dress looks fabulous. Buying that fabric was NOT a weak moment.
    I bought a piece of Seymour poplin from Shaukat recently and found that it is indeed as dainty as Tana Lawn, which is disappointing because I didn’t notice the comparison to lawn in the description. It will not be much use to me, and I wouldn’t buy it again.


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