Olive Drab Simplicity 5723

I have a couple more Simplicity 5723 exemplars to post — here’s one, in a dim and fuzzy photo:
Simplicity 5723

The pockets on this one are lined in camouflage:

Simplicity 5723

Ignore the unclipped threads, if you please. They’re gone now …

Simplicity 5723

That’s more what the color looks like — it’s green denim from my trusty friends at FabricMart Fabrics.

I’ve been wearing this one with a bright orange sweater and belt — that’s my idea of fun. This dress in denim is a dream to wear, very comfortable yet stiff enough to hold its shape. I have some maroon denim that will soon find an incarnation in this pattern, and I’m really, really toying with the idea of a white denim dress. I don’t think I’ve had an all-white dress since high school graduation. I’m completely sure that after ten minutes on my person, it would no longer be an all-white dress, yet still I persist in this fantasy of a white denim dress. Talk me out of it?

5 thoughts on “Olive Drab Simplicity 5723

  1. An all white denim dress?
    What a great idea! Maybe you could fully line it for the best modesty factor. Spray the dress with scotch guard every time it comes out of the dryer and it should stay white.
    I like the idea so much that maybe you could make me one, too, and we could be white-denim-dress-sisters? ; j size 8, please.


  2. White denim is great and easy to clean. Just bleach it! That’s why you see so many slipcovers made of it in the deco magazines.


  3. I don’t see what’s wrong with a white denim dress! Denim isn’t inherently csual, it’s just that we style it that way. I’ve been re-reading ‘Wife Dressing’ by my BFF Anne Fogarty… she designed ball gowns made out of denim (and even mattress ticking, what would you pay to have seen one of those?!)


  4. I won’t try to talk you out of it. I have white dress dreams myself. My dreams involve a more floaty fabric, something like what angels would wear, but they’re just dreams. White denim would be so much more practical. And there would be no limit to the accessorizing you could do.


  5. I wouldn’t buy/wear white denim. One little splatter, and it’s ruined. Unless you want to dye it. I guess I could go with it, if I were resigned to eventually dying it later. Because you know that those little stains & spills are inevitable.


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