Fabric 411

I am looking for some of this fabric — I think it’s called “corded cotton,” but does anyone know another name for it? Because all my normal fabric searches are coming up empty.

blue corded cotton shorts

It’s not quite seersucker — it’s that slightly raised corded cotton. I can’t find it anywhere. Did J.Crew buy it all?

Any help gratefully appreciated … I really need a Simplicity 1577 in this fabric, while it’s still summer …

29 thoughts on “Fabric 411

  1. It’s pique. You can get lightweight, medium & heavy. This is medium, I think. I remember my high school uniform was made from it in exactly that colour pictured! It was just like nurses uniforms were then as well!


  2. Did you try Farmhouse Fabrics? They have all manner of weird things (but be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it)


  3. I have almost 3 yards of a green fabric you are welcome to. It is interesting stuff. Cotton, but not seersucker, nice weight to it. Just right for a cool summer climate. I don’t know what it is called. It has been prewashed.


  4. Looks like what we used to call “rep.” I think the word is a corruption of “rib.” Should be standard in a shirting department, with oxford cloth and osnaburg. And seersucker and pique … .


  5. I remember making matching Easter outfits for my kids…and used some on the trim of my blouse…back in, oh, 1990? (a very old photo here). I’m thinking it was called ‘baby cord’. There’s nothing corduroy about it…it has no nap…but it does have kind of a ridgy texture.


  6. We used to call it Bedford cord, back in the long ago. A quick search finds the term still I use.
    I’d hoped someone else would respond with that, so I could remain an anonymous lurker!


  7. How funny you would ask! I have been searching high and low, too! I consider it a seersucker and have been searching for pincord seersucker. Thanks for the tips and links!


  8. I used to buy my kids uniform fabric from the uniform company that serviced their school–this included your fabric type. You might try “Sue Mills” or other uniform stores to see if they carry fabric, or if it can be ordered (most do, I think).


  9. Really, people? Erin posts a picture of a man’s crotch and you are fixated on the fabric? Not a soul mentions this ?


  10. Thanks everybody! I am so happy now. 🙂

    And Gina, men’s crotches are easy to find … great fabric, not so much!


  11. Hi. I bought white corded cotton at fashion fabrics club a couple months ago…looks just like your pic, was described as corded cotton.


  12. In the early 50’s while my family lived in Rio de Janeiro most of my father’s suits for less than formal occasions were made of pin cord. They were cool and retained a crisp appearance throughout the day and were usually pale gray/white or blue/white. My mother so admired the fabric that she had his tailor find some in pink/white and yellow/white for the dressmaker to whip up for day dresses for herself and me. It is definitely not corduroy or seersucker. If you find it, I think you will enjoy working with it and wearing it.


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