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No, really. I want to link to your blog. I love how many sewing and crafting and vintaging and just plain gorgeous-ing blogs have sprung up lately … but there are so few hours in the day! It’s hard enough to find time to write a post, much less traipse through the blogosphere to find all the insightful stuff that’s being written about vintage patterns, fabric hoarding, and Airship Hostessing. So (as you may have noticed) I was happy to start using a new WordPress plug-in, Related Content by Wordnik, to start adding not just links to related posts from the archives of this blog, but links to related posts from other blogs, too. So much cool stuff to discover!

(Astute readers will notice that Related Content by Wordnik is made by Wordnik, the company I work for. It turns out that knowing a lot about words leads to knowing a lot about how words go together, which leads to knowing a lot about how collections of words — like blog posts — go together. Next up, we’re going to mix chocolate and peanut butter. Stand back!)

Anyway — I’d love to link to even more cool blogs. So if you have a cool (WordPress-only, for now, sorry) blog, would you consider installing Related Content by Wordnik, so I can link to you better? Tell ’em Erin sent you.

4 thoughts on “I Want to Link to You

  1. Hey Erin, does this work on self-hosted wordpress installations too? If so, I’ll look into it for WeSewRetro.com

    We haven’t updated to v3.4.1 yet, largely because procrastination is so much more rewarding, so compatibility info would help too.


  2. I’m apparently a sucker for anything Erin suggests (nah, this just seemed like a useful-for-my-readers plug-in to have) so I’ve gone and done it. Dagunnit.


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