Today's Pattern Story


Plaid: I Vant. To Suck. Your BLOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Yellow: I wonder how my dress would look with a bow? Not red, of course, but maybe white? Or green? I’m getting hungry, I don’t know why Mina said we’d have lunch here, I don’t see anywhere to eat …

Pattern and sale today thanks to Jen at MOMSPatterns — use the code ‘hotsale’ to save 25% on all orders until midnight EST tonight, Monday October 1.

9 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story

  1. Poor dears. They both look like they could use a good meal. Their spines seem to be sagging from lack of food. Look at the toothpick arms, the tiny little waists. A little blood might be a good idea.


  2. Amy, I think that’s a pattern that I used to make myself a medium blue wool dress when I was a teenager. The collar and sleeves had a lighter blue under collar and “under”sleeve. How fun to see that back.

    Confession: I was a teen in the ’50’s. Best decade in the whole century to be a teen!


  3. If only Yellow had twigged when they were trying on their dresses in front of the mirror and she noticed that Plaid didn’t seem to have a reflection…oh well at least now she knows why Plaid insisted on the wide neckline….


  4. I’ve seen that plaid chick before on other patterns – she has a very distinctively dark almost mono-brow look. Do you think they used real models to draw these patterns from life? Or is she a fantasy woman that some artist dreamed up and kept drawing over again? Was anyone’s mother/grandmother a pattern model? Maybe someone out there knows Dark Plaid?


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