Today's Pattern Story and Sale

Advance 2754

Callista: This year, Marjorie, is going to see the fulfillment of all of our plans! We’re going to land the Thompson account! Captain Montrose will propose! And little Timmy — darling little Timmy — will finally learn to spell “accommodate”!

Marjorie: If you say so, C. Is there any cake left?

I don’t know about you, but I always start to get that new-year itch the day after Christmas. I don’t want to wait until January 1 to start thinking about next year … which is annoying to everyone else who is still picking through the Christmas cookies.

[This pattern is on sale right now at MOMSPatterns — 25% off until midnight CST  on the 27th with code “Crimbo” (Jen married a Brit).]

Do you have resolutions, sewing or otherwise, for 2013? I’m working on a post about mine right now. Also, what do you want me to post more of in 2013 (other than just posting more)?

10 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story and Sale

  1. Yes to posting more. Specifically? I’d love to know a little more about how you alter patterns for design or fit issues. Perhaps a pic or two in process if that’s not too much trouble.

    As for my resolutions – I finally bought a dress form as a reward for finishing a long overdue wedding gift quilt. I’ll be assembling her this week so she’s ready to go on the 1st, because my goal is to FINALLY cut into that liberty yardage I’ve been hoarding and make some clothes for myself.

    Thank you for another year of great posts!


  2. Sewing resolutions are the only kind of resolutions I make! I’ve got quite a few this year…

    1) Sew for myself more! I’ve got a sewing business (and some well dressed daughters) so most of what I create is enjoyed by other people.

    2) Wear my creations more. Dresses aren’t just for church on Sunday. (Corollary: replace my cheap nasty eBay crinoline with some nice Malco Modes ones in a rainbow of colors.)

    3) Take more of a critical approach when buying vintage patterns. No, I do NOT need yet another full-skirted early-Sixties shirtwaist pattern. Add only ones that introduce new and interesting design elements.

    4) Add to my stash of Retro Butterick/Vintage Vogue reprints during the massive pattern sales. I don’t use these a whole lot but they are sure to come in handy some day.

    5) Buy ALL the fabric.


  3. Resolutions:
    1. Get more repairs done on vintage clothing at my shop.
    2. Use some of the less-fixable vintage stuff for altered couture projects.
    3. Make some repros from all of those old patterns I’m stashing.
    4. Yeah, lose some weight. Not helping that I’m having Velveeta Shells and Cheese for dinner tonight.
    5. Oh, and get 1,000 Likes for my store’s FB page, make a boatload of money, and pay off all my debts. : D

    What would I like to see more posts about? Insipiration. I have a hard time getting motivated, and then once I do, I have trouble staying motivated. So lots of inspiring stuff to keep me working on my projects until I actually finish them!


  4. Hi Erin,
    I love your website. I like everything about it, actually, but I especially like the postings where you make up the little dialogues between the models on the vintage pattern envelopes. So I would say more of the posts about what you are wearing or making, and definitely more of the dialogues. More, more!!
    Thanks for a great website!


  5. I enjoy your pattern stories so much (especially those skewed toward the macabre). And posts with pictures of novelty fabric prints always intrigue and inspire.
    It’s not a full-blown resolution but I do intend to sew some dresses from 1940s and 50s patterns for myself this year, and learn to crochet when it’s winter here in Australia. Sadly the beloved rambling old fashioned fabric/craft shop which added such a dimension of creativity to this rural town closed down just before Christmas – so I’ll be working through my fabric stash rather than adding to it.


  6. 1. Learn how to alter ready-made clothes.
    2. Sew at least 2 dresses (I love quilting, hate clothing construction, but there are soooo many more forgiving patterns than ready made clothing.
    I love seeing your finished projects, fabric finds, pattern stories and always your take on life, language and sewing.


  7. I love to read your pattern dialogues. Also, I’d like to see more altered vintage. My sewing group has a resolution for members to bring a finished project every month to our meetings. That’s my minimum goal.
    Thanks. I enjoy your blog.


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