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Simplicity 3352 ... IN ACTION


Thanks to all of you who sent this. Also, I was lying about the “without comment” … how do you make these? On second thought, don’t tell me, I will spend way too much time making them if you tell me.


47 thoughts on “posted without comment

    • Uh, funny story- was coming here to say that was the most awesome magical image in my blog reader today and somehow entered a comment from another blog… Ain’t technology grand!!! 🙂


  1. Haha. I hate most animated GIFs but I’ll make an exception for dancing vintage pattern covers. Every technology eventually finds its best use.


  2. Wait! I was so dazzled by Miss Plaid’s moves I didn’t notice at first that Miss Black is nodding in time. OK, that makes it for me.


  3. This has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen to date! Your blog is absolutely a delite to follow. How did this come about, just totally blown away. The dancer and the neck roll, awesome! LOL


  4. Oh, how I desperately needed a laugh today! Thanks. And I actually remember a similar pattern in Mom’s stash. Someone had a good time making this graphic. Thanks for sharing it. 😀


  5. Even the comments on this entry are fantastic (I mean, groovy). So many patterns want to be animated, Erin, as you well know. They’re waiting for you…


  6. Ok, I admit it scared me…I mean, who would wear that bright yellow plaid ALL over? Hahahaha! Cel is right, you have to find out how to do this.


  7. So, I’m sitting here surfing the internet, thinking to myself “I should really get up and do the dishes; I’m wasting too much time just sitting here,” and I’m listening to Music Choice on TV (it’s a music service from the cable company). Blondie is on, singing “The Tide is High,” and I clicked onto your webpage, and Pattern Woman is keeping perfect rhythm! I thought I’d lost my mind, and that my stressful week somehow made me snap. I’m glad there’s an explanation. Very cool trick!


  8. Took me a second to realize that it was in fact moving, for the first moment i thought it was just the bright pattern!


  9. Oh my! I was trying to have a serious conversation but when I clicked over to your site and saw that I snorted. Out loud.
    That is awesome. You win the innerwebz today.


  10. Simplicity 8352 gif <— I'm adding this comment so that I can (hopefully) find this more easily the next time I have a burning desire to see it. And I'm going to pin it. Although in the future, I will probably remember "Posted without comment."


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