Today's Pattern Story: Advance 6955



Pink: Would you look at that!

Blue: Huh.

Pink: Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Blue: Not in our town, that’s for sure.

Pink: How do you think … what do they … well, doesn’t that look … dangerous? I mean, medically?

Blue: I dunno, they seem to be having fun.

Pink: All I know is, I’m going to have a LOT of questions for Margie at bridge tomorrow.


(Pattern from Janet at LanetzLiving.)

15 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Advance 6955

      • I just saw an argument on Pinterest about the small size of some of the “plus size”models. Marilyn being a size 14 was brought up. Sizes were definitely different in her day.


  1. Size 16 – bust 34, sizing was just little different back then. Always enjoy your post, thanks for sharing!


  2. Love the dress, but all those buttonholes and buttons must have taken forever. (We didn’t get a buttonhole making attachment until the late 1960’s, and it would always mess up at least one.)


    • I learned to sew using my mother’s old machine, which didn’t have a buttonhole maker. She taught me how to make one the old-fashioned way, just using a zig-zag stitch, and that’s how I still make them. I don’t trust the buttonhole attachment!


  3. I can’t stop thinking about this dress! What would you call that type of collar? Is there a name for it? Thank you!


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