The Hundred Dresses: Day 7

Getting a slow start on a Sunday … but this is one of my favorite dresses:

blue seersucker Vogue 9929

It’s another Vogue 9929, of course. I like the way the bias binding stripes worked out on this one:

blue seersucker Vogue 9929


And the zipper’s not too bad:

blue seersucker Vogue 9929


And here’s the back:

blue seersucker Vogue 9929

I’m pretty sure I bought this fabric at the Oakland White Elephant sale, a few years back. it was a remnant length but I couldn’t resist it — I love dark seersuckers — and I’m so glad I grabbed it.

Probably my favorite thing about this dress is how versatile it is. I’ve worn it with blue, maroon, pink, yellow, and gray cardigans, and in every weather from 40 degrees (with kneesocks and brown boots) to 80 degrees (with gray Keds and not much else).

And there’s a Hundred-Dresses-the-book update, too — it was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe over the weekend! (both are paywalled, sadly) Official publication date is Tuesday …



7 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 7

  1. I love seeing all these dresses – thanks for the effort of posting them! Seeing your little imperfections that still lead to a beautiful end product is very encouraging.


  2. How do you sew on the bias binding like that? I can’t see any overstitching (if that’s the right term) on the front side, but I also can’t see any stitching coming through from the reverse… do you hand sew the reverse side?


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