The Hundred Dresses: Day 18

Here’s today’s dress:
Simplicity 1577, no collar

This is another collarless Simplicity 1577 — when I had to do the collar amputation on the denim one, I thought, “Hey, what if I did this on purpose?” and voilà:
Simplicity 1577, no collar

The bias binding for the neckline is a slight bit lumpy. The fabric is a lighter twill, so it showed through more than I thought it would (better image of the fabric below). I’m very happy with the pocket lining (it’s Liberty, natch):
Simplicity 1577, no collar

Here’s the back where you can see exactly the spot I missed while pressing this before taking pictures:
Simplicity 1577, no collar

And the zipper, which is truly terrible, a C- at best. For some reason this dress came out smaller than I thought it would so I have to go back and undo both side seams and cheat them out a bit, and do the zipper “right” in the process. Needless to say this has not happened yet. At all.
Simplicity 1577, no collar

I tend to wear this dress in the winter (it’s warm) with black boots and a black sweater (or brown boots and a brown sweater). It’s a good traveling dress, too, since I made the pockets extra-deep. Now if only I managed to get this on to the top of the pile for fixing …


2 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 18

  1. If only pickling in brine fixed all kinds of immaturity…

    Very severe, but in a smart way, this one. Extra deep pockets, but you still have to be able to get your hands to the bottom without bending down. I did something stupid with pockets once, I’m more careful about that now.

    How would it look with tan/copper, or is that implicit in the brown?


  2. I am getting so much out of these posts! And don’t be embarrased by your zippers – so encouraging to learn that even seasoned pros have some trouble AND that the resulting garment is still wearable and delightful. I am about to put in an invisible zip into my first silk garment, you’re giving me confidence and hope 🙂


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