The Hundred Dresses: Day 24

I said there would be a lot of Simplicity 1577s this week, didn’t I? Here’s another one:

scissor Simplicity 1577 bodice

It’s from this Yuwa fabric that I bought back in 2009.I probably held on to it for at least two years before it became this dress.

I’m not happy with the collar. I know there’s some kind of undercutting trick you can do to keep this from happening, but I can never seem to find it. Does anyone have a link?

Scissors Simplicity 1577 collar

Here’s a fairly fuzzy view of the front:

scissors Simplicity 1577 front

And the side zip, this is a strong B, I think:

scissors Simplicity 1577 zipper

Back view, inadequate pressing:

scissors Simplicity 1577 back

And closeup back view … I almost got those stripes matched! (Actually, I am pretty sure this was inadvertent.)

scissors Simplicity 1577 back closeup

I love this dress but man oh man, are those colors hard to match. They’re all slightly off from any cardigans I actually have, so I end up wearing this dress only when it’s warm enough to go sans cardigan. (I do have one beige cardigan that matches, but … eh, beige.)

The scissors print still makes me happy … I’d love to have another scissors-print dress, maybe one with a more scattered layout? Haven’t seen any scissors fabric that I like as much as this, though.

13 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 24

  1. buy an undyed fine wool cardigan and ask a yarn dyer to make something to match?

    knit your own!

    I like this dress. I have no idea how my scissors were forged. My tailoring teache had some really groovy buttonhole cuttings ones. I think Gingher make them still.


  2. This is sew adorable!!! Sorry I couldn’t help myself–and it really is so! Love the collar on this dress. I think the trick is to trim 1/8 inch off the bottom piece (not where it meets the neckline of course, and not sure about the straight edges…). This makes it curl under.


  3. On the wrong side, trim any reinforcing fabric as close to the seam as possible. Grade the seam allowance on the stitched edges of the collar so the smaller allowance is on the collar bottom (underneath). Press the allowance toward the under side of the collar – having the smaller allowance against the collar , the wider allowance folded over the smaller. On the right side, stich in the ditch on the bottom side of the collar (through the seam allowances), turn the collar right-side-out and press flat.

    And THAT is why pattern instructions are crazy-making.


  4. I love the scissors print! I have some scissors fabric waiting to become a dress. (Mine came from JoAnns last Fall, and is the same as the one pictured here:

    I really look forward to your daily dress posts. I too love to groove on a good pattern, so I’m enjoying all the variations you’ve come up with for your favorites. I’ll be sad when the hundred days come to an end!


  5. You are a sewist of infinite resource and sagacity. Do not be limited by the stricture of matching. “Harmonius” would give you so much more latitude.


  6. After you’ve cut out the collar pieces, choose which one will be the top and which will be the undercollar. Trim a scant amount (1/16 to 1/8 inch) around the three outer edges of the undercollar ( not the neck edge). When you sew the collar, match all edges. You should be able to do this without any puckering or tucks. When you turn the collar right-side-out, the undercollar will automatically roll away from the seamline, making for easy pressing. This technique works anywhere you have to fudge: for a belt, strap, loop, lined pocket, facing, etc. etc.


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