The Hundred Dresses: Day 51

If you’ve ever wondered what Vogue 9929 would look like in Tetris fabric, consider your curiosity satisfied:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929

After realizing that there was probably no way to salvage yesterday’s dress, I decided to try for Tetris Dress 2. This time I prewashed the fabric with dye fixative, and I think the results are MUCH better:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 bodice

You’re still never going to get a deep deep black from digitally printed fabric, I think. But that lessens the contrast (SLIGHTLY) with my not-especially-invisible purple zipper:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 zipper

I used hem facing tape to help weigh down the hem, which was necessary because the fabric’s a bit lightweight. (And a Tetris dress should have a solid hem, don’t you think?)
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 hem 3

Here you can see it finished:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 hem

And … the back:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 back


I would say that this is probably my last Tetris dress for a while, but who knows? I should also mention here that I do not make these dresses commercially, but if you do a quick Etsy search you should find several people who WILL sell you a Tetris dress of your very own!

(Disclosure … Spoonflower uses the Wordnik APIs — you can read more about it here — but no money changes hands and I was a customer of Spoonflower before they began using the Wordnik API.)

9 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 51

  1. I simply love this dress – although being a Tetris queen myself I would love to see the fabric in white, it being the background colour of the mega high-scoring level of the game! Lovely work though I’m full of admiration for it.


  2. I love this dress! I do so wish this style would work for my “figure” sigh. I wanted to comment to say that I’ve been loving this hundred dresses series, its very impressive! I think I’ve secretly always wanted to see something like this series on your blog :).


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