The Hundred Dresses: Day 70

This dress is a mystery:

mystery dress

I mean, it’s not a mystery as to why I made it — I love this fabric and I remember it going together very easily — it’s a mystery as to what pattern I used. I can picture the front of the pattern very clearly — two women, one in pink, maybe? I think it was an Advance pattern, too. (Okay perhaps I can’t picture it all that clearly.)

mystery dress bodice

I know I wore this to a friend’s wedding, and that the wedding was in Iowa.

mystery dress side zip

I think I bought the fabric from eQuilter.

mystery dress back

I thought this dress would go with EVERYTHING because of all the colors in the print, but I pretty much end up just wearing it with a white or black cardigan, because getting an exact match to any of these colors has proven quite difficult. But it’s still a cheerful dress, and the bodice is very comfortable. I’d make it again if I could only figure out what it was!

7 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 70

  1. Oh wow! When I saw today’s dress I gawked at the screen because I could have sworn that you used the same pattern I have. Mine is also Advance, but 5972. I got it from my Grandma. Mine has an inverted box pleat in the front of the almost-circle skirt, and a gorgeous jacket that I have to make one of these days. It also looks very bombshell with a pencil skirt.


  2. Oh my WORD. That dress is absolute sheer utter perfection. If I don’t find my own copy of that pattern before I die, it all will have been for naught.


  3. It’s fabulous!

    I hear you on the matching thing though. I spend waaaay too much time trying to find a perfectly matching zipper/ribbon/fabric/lining fabric combo. When a Kaufman print (weird teapots) has no corresponding Kona, you know all is lost.


  4. Wow, what a super flattering design this is (wide shoulders down to a narrow waistline)! I love that the ‘V’ neckline has a kinda unique front tucking look, –very cool.


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