The Hundred Dresses: Day 83

This is Advance 9440, a peach of a dress if ever there were one:

countryside Advance 9440

I made this ages and ages ago. Seriously, it was so long ago that the return address on all my letters was “123 Main Street, Pangaea.”

I don’t think when I made this I really did it justice — the neck yoke is decidedly lopsided:

countryside Advance 9440 neckline

But I really, really love the fabric. It’s so … Lois Lenski, if that makes any sense.
countryside Advance 9440 print

The back view is … lacking:
countryside Advance 9440 back

I did not do a very good job on the back neck zipper, to put it mildly:

countryside Advance 9440 back zip

This is another dress I don’t wear very often but can’t seem to get rid of, mostly because I love the fabric so much. Why I think that at some point in the future I will magically find either the time or the ingenuity to change this dress into something else, I don’t know. Perhaps if I were the victim of a shrinking ray, and had to create an entirely new wardrobe of doll-sized clothes? (Because even if a shrinking ray made me Barbie-sized, it would not make me Barbie-proportioned …) Maybe when we have the Star Trek replicators and I can put a snippet of this fabric in one and intone “Dress, full skirt, hat” at it and have a new version in a snap? Both are more plausible than me sitting down and taking this one apart ….

9 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 83

  1. Love that dress and fabric! I wouldn’t want to take it apart, either! I have been known to make skirts out of dresses that don’t fit anymore, though, just to save the fabric. Dirndl skirts are great things.


  2. “The Little Train”? As a dress? Yes, please. I think this is great as-is, but if you haven’t worn it, can you just unstitch everything and remake as a skirt?


  3. love the fabric.

    I did like the idea of ST replicators, and then we had to deal with SG replicators and it all got scarier.


  4. Oh, this is so lovably terrible. And I love that you have less-than-stellar sewing moments and aren’t afraid to share them. The print is covetable – I wouldn’t ditch it either. It’s almost worth unpicking and fixing that yoke, and the neck gathers too (sorry, but it had to be mentioned)…


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