The Hundred Dresses: Day 86

Here’s another Vogue 9670, that I made back in 2009.

Libertyesque Vogue 9670

This fabric looks like Liberty, but I don’t think it is, since I bought it in Shanghai in 2006. (How old is that post? I’m talking about DIAL-UP INTERNET. That’s old, folks.)

Also, is there a place name more evocative of adventure than “Shanghai”? I suppose it’s possible to go to Shanghai and have a boring time, but I bet you have to work at it. I love Shanghai, both the name and the place. I mean, it’s even a verb! I’d go back to Shanghai like a shot if I had an excuse.

Libertyesque Vogue 9670 bodice

The facing here is bright pink, because, um, pink? My other choice was that buttercup yellow, and I couldn’t find a good-enough match.

Libertyesque Vogue 9670 bodice facing

The zip is pink, too. I keep thinking I’ll switch it out for one that doesn’t stand out so much, and then I never do.

Libertyesque Vogue 9670 side zip

The bias tape on the sleeve is that minty toothpaste blue, which doesn’t really go, but then again it’s not seen very often:

Libertyesque Vogue 9670 sleeve

And here’s the back:

Libertyesque Vogue 9670 back

This dress is a lot of fun to wear; it’s extremely comfortable and the fabric has got a great hand to it. This is also one of the few things I wear that has this much purple in it — I’m not a fan of purple, not really sure why. I understand it’s a color that grows on you when you’re older; I saw some research somewhere about how your eyes perceive different wavelengths or perceive the same wavelengths differently or something (could I be more vague? no, I could not) and it somehow explained the tendency of older women to wear more orangey lipsticks. Which I thought was probably complete and utter BS, but that factoid has stayed with me and here we are, no better off than we were before, but prepared for the possibility, however remote, of someday feeling more kindly towards purple.

(And for those of you who are asking WHERE ARE THE DUROS? They are a-comin’. Hold tight!)

7 thoughts on “The Hundred Dresses: Day 86

  1. I remember reading a fashion recommendation in some throw-away magazine, at least 7 years ago, that applauded the model’s “shocking yet surprisingly wearable violet” lipstick. I bought a cheap tube of violet lipstick. It WAS surprisingly wearable, for those women who have cool undertones to their skin. Put more purple in your life! Purple is often the favorite color of young children, because it represents archetypal values of fantasy and creativity.


  2. Love love love this! Love the fabric; the print, the color and how the fabric lays. Love the pink facing and pink zipper; love the toothpaste tape. Would love to see it on you to see how it hangs.


  3. Purple–have never liked it, still don´t at 79. Modern kids seem to love it. I have had to accept more purples and related colors in my garden, due to the modern flower palette.

    Light pink speaks out to me, always has. One of the first dresses I bought with my own money was a light coral pink shirtwaist in a silky fabric. I loved that dress.


  4. Wendy, I am with you! And Erin, anytime you need someone to carry your luggage on that trip to Shanghai, give me a holler! A trip to the Orient is about 3 on my bucket list!

    A little purple is okay, you need to have something to contrast all those lovely shades of green that are out there, hee hee….


  5. As the protein of the lens in the eye ages, it has a tendency to become stiffer (hence the need for bifocals to assist at near distances) and more yellow. So, the light coming through your eye has more of a yellow cast added as you age (ymmv). If everything looks yellow, it’s hard to tell what’s yellow and what isn’t. Yellow added to purple turns it gray. So that lovely soft gray to my geezerly eye may be a riotous gaudy purple to you, young’un.


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