Today's Pattern Story: Simplicity 1194


Floral dress: “I’d like to call today’s meeting of the Pissed-Off Jumper-Wearing Club to order.”

Black dress: “Hell no!”

Green dress: “Y’all go on ahead. I’m just gonna stare at things until they ignite.”

(From the Vintage Pattern Wiki here.)

9 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Simplicity 1194

  1. Ha!! Makes you wonder how they even agreed to meet in the first place. BTW are those sleeves on green dress, or has she laced herself up with ribbon like a ballet slipper?


  2. I like that floral has loaded her day dress down with heavy rhinestone earrings and bracelets : ) Black Dress is like, “Well f$#* you…I’ve got a SCARF!”


  3. Momentarily confused as in UK, ‘jumper’ means ‘sweater’, but I got there in the end.

    Yes, quite a sullen bunch. Can’t think why with those lovely square necklines! – my favourite.


  4. Cool patterns. My girl makes wedding and other styles of dresses…sometimes she will use a Simplicity pattern, or just do her own. It’s amazing how these dresses come into being just from a load of fabric and a focussed mind!


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