Today's Pattern Story


Green: I don’t know  … it’s hard to tell …

Yellow: Are you sure? The girl at the shop said that the neck vine for this dress should grow an inch an hour, but I think it’s still just as short as it was this morning.

Green: Well, it’s certainly wiggling, isn’t that a good sign?

Yellow: I knew I should have injected it deeper into my cervical vertebrae! I’m going to have to take it back and complain.

5 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story

  1. A slot in a raglan sleeve seam that extends into a wing for a collar? Man, that is some imaginative dress designing! I’ve never seen that detail before. Too bad my neck is too short to accommodate the popped collar. On the short sleeves, does the winged cuff attach separately? Or is it, too, extended from the sleeve seam? Looks as if it would have to be separate, from the illustration … but maybe the points are exaggerated for emphasis. Hmmm.


  2. The best part of that pattern is the handwritten note “Cut exactly JUST RIGHT 2/1/54”. My favorite part of finding old patterns – more than the illustrations – are the notes left by previous owners. I imagine you could write a whole book on those…


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