Today's Pattern Story: McCalls 3698

Floral: I will look off into the distance as I visualize my plans coming to fruition! Or as I anticipate the flowering of my plans, which is a more appropriate word, given my dress. Soon, the moon and all its habitants will be mine!

Polka-dot: I will gather my tulips while I may. Also, look at me! I’m Sandra Dee!

Green: Hey, I don’t think you took into account that there are five Thursdays this month, Doreen.


8 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: McCalls 3698

  1. We talk a lot about how modern advertising gives women body image issues, but look at this pattern envelope! No one is actually going to have a waist the same diameter as their neck.


    • Cal, I was wondering about that too! It looks like a stitched down pleat at the waist, that releases at the bust. Very cool!


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