Today's Pattern Story



Claudine: Move it a little more … a little more to the left.

Claudette: My left, or your left?

Claudine: Um, his left? Oh wait, he’s left. Smoke break.

Claudette: Goddamn illustrators. Bunch of nicotine fiends.

Claudine: Might as well put it down before you get dizzy from the rubber cement fumes.

[Pattern is here if you want it. Thanks to Tammy O. for the suggestion!]

3 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story

  1. Who EVER saw a pattern envelope illustration like that?! This was crying out for the DressADay treatment. (But with the pattern piece illustrated so prominently, a reasonably competent seamstress could say, “huh, who needs to buy that?” and go home and draft a pattern on yesterday’s newspaper.)


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