Ready to Wear POCKETS!


I haven’t posted any links to ready-to-wear clothes in SO long. Someone will send me a link to a gorgeous dress and I will click through, mentally deciding what cardigan sweater to wear with it, and then I am brought up short by the TOTAL ABSENCE OF POCKETS.

This skirt, from J. Peterman, does not have that problem. At all.

It is, however, only available in this green and a claret red (no black? inconceivable!) and is on the pricey side. (Also: the older I get, the creepier J. Peterman marketing copy gets. Is this happening to anyone else?) However, the reviews are universally approving, mainly because of the POCKETS.

Thanks to Lynda who sent me this link!

10 thoughts on “Ready to Wear POCKETS!

  1. I once bought a sundress mostly because it had pockets. I liked the print and the style fairly well, too, but the pockets…I still love that sundress best out of the several that I own. The next dress on my sewing list is a pattern that already has pockets built in, so I don’t have to engineer them myself.


  2. That copy is super creepy–

    “This skirt walks by in front of you with legs somewhere there inside it all, moving along unseen like soft wind behind a blowing sail, shapes appear but then are gone again; maddening, I must say.”

    I think my slimy former coworker writes for J. Peterman now.


  3. I love that color and the dark red, and the fact that it’s cotton twill . . . but I do not love the center-front and yoke seams. I’d like the skirt if it was a simple half-circle, A-line or 6 gore, with those pockets, which I admit are great – they’re so unabashedly POCKET-y.
    It’s not you. J. Peterman’s ad copy has gotten more creepy over the last couple of decades. It used to be more “you’ll look/feel like the heroine of a period novel’, maybe one set in Singapore in the ’30’s.” Legs somewhere inside? Ugh.


  4. I’ve recently been buying dresses here because they’re mostly made out of actual fabric (instead of polyester jersey), they’re machine washable, and they mostly have pockets! They’re a little pricey but often have really good coupon codes.

    Pockets are crucial to everything. I often get dressed in the morning based on what I can wear that has pockets.


  5. You won’t be surprised to learn that I own that skirt in the claret — I got it a few years ago on sale. The fabric is VERY heavy, which surprised me (and it is kind of great), and the pockets are large enough to hold a book and a snack, at the very least.

    Peterman skirts are great. I own multiples of a few of the designs (including the trumpet skirt — the black is my go-to for three seasons out of the year).

    I confess that I ignore the ad copy.


  6. Cosign Jennifer on Eshakti. Everything is marvelous there, and EVERYTHING has pockets. And I spent $120 this morning for THREE dresses, after judicious use of their buy-two-get-one-free promotion in combination with the $30 off gift coupon they sent me.


  7. GIRL! Have you checked out

    All of the dresses come with pockets.

    Seriously, check it out. Darling little dresses–and most under 100 dollars. You may become addicted…


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