Progress Report: Slow

Not a lot of sewing going on in my atelier lately. Holidays, and a huge press of work*. You know, the usual.

One dress has been hanging on the hook where I keep the in-progress projects for more than a month. Okay, it’s not really a hook, it’s one of those orange spring clamps that photographers use for backdrops, clamped to the worn Ikea Ivar shelf of the bookcases I’ve had since Ivar was invented (fun fact: ‘Ivar’ means “you have too many effing books” in Swedish).

The fabric is some really beautiful army green twilled wool/cotton blend. I mean, totally gorgeous, and sure to be warm and comfy. (It did smell a little like wet sheep when I washed it, though.)

It’s supposed to be another version of this dress. The two others I’ve made from this pattern are really comfortable and great for layering and just the right length for winter so I really want to get this off the hook and onto my back. (When will this happen?  ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

Here’s a quick glimpse so you can see what I’m talking about. Of course the facings are Liberty: new McCalls 6726 w/Liberty facing

That pattern is Liberty “Mike” — it first appeared on this blog as this dress. I also made this dress in the gray colorway but I’m not sure if I ever blogged it. (It also comes in pink and a very 70s green combo that I really want.)

So: first new year’s resolution: finish this darn dress. Then we can get to the other ones, like “create a better system for keeping track of my patterns” and “only purchase one piece of fabric a month”. (I already bought January’s fabric. On January 1.)

What’s on your in-progress hook?

* The work stuff: is becoming a non-profit, and to support the site we’ve started an “adopt-a-word” program! You can adopt your favorite word here.

3 thoughts on “Progress Report: Slow

  1. I took a look at your January fabric purchase. Will you actually “dry clean only” it? I like to throw everything in the washer if I can.


    • oh, no way! I throw everything in the washer. I think in the last ten years I’ve only had two pieces of fabric become unusable after washing, and they were both mystery fibers. 🙂


  2. On my work table I have in progress a knit top I am making from a pattern I traced from a top I liked the fit of but the fabric was pilly and fuzzy, so I didn’t mind cutting up the top. It’s just laying there waiting for me to sew it up.


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