September is National Sewing Month!

So I guess September is National Sewing Month? (In the US, at least?)

September is a pretty good month for it, if you had to choose just one: there’s still warm weather (again, in the US) but also the promise of cooler weather to come, so you can sew for both seasons. There’s back-to-school, which always seems to make people want new clothes (whether they are in school or not — and more time to sew if your kids just went back to school …). Plus there’s the annual goal of getting a jump start on any holiday sewing.

If I were going to set ambitious sewing goals for the month (which I’m not, but …) I’d try to make September a month to prepare me for better sewing for the rest of the year. I’d re-organize my patterns and fabric, I’d sort through (and blog about!) all the books in my sewing library, and I’d go get all my scissors sharpened and learn to use that last orphan presser foot that came with my machine. I’d toss all the old thread that I’ve moved eight times and will never use, and do something cool with all those vintage wooden spools that I keep hanging on to. And maybe (just maybe) I’d finally cut enough squares for a quilt.

That’s if I were going to set ambitious sewing goals for September, which I’m not, because I already have ambitious non-sewing goals for September, and well into October. (Watch this space!)

What are your National Sewing Month goals?

4 thoughts on “September is National Sewing Month!

  1. To be honest I had not realized it was National Sewing Month till today, so not much thought had been given to the subject. However, I’ve done a little research and found that there are all kinds of give aways and challenges and pledges to participate in for the entire month of September. I thought I might do some of the classes with that craftsy is offering here: Pledge to sew for 30 minutes each day in September here at Star’s Threads: Then participate in various give aways around the “World Wide Web” in honor of National Sewing Month. Overall, I think the internet has filled my month. Happy sewing!


  2. Our little one is expected to arrive in January, and I’ve got a burst of second trimester energy at the moment, so I’ve got a list of baby things to sew while I can! Hoping to make a quilt and matching crib bumper, as well as cushion covers for a secondhand glider chair.


  3. I didn’t have any Sewing Month goals but you have given me some ideas. I really do need to throw out some of the old thread. I’m also thinking I need to do some Deep Stash sewing – use fabric that I’ve had for years instead of the latest piece that I just couldn’t resist.


  4. In September I’ve cut the fabric for two garments (plain black skirt with pockets and a top with large primary-coloured birdies on that will make me look like a primary school teacher when worn, I worry). I basted the pleats on the skirt, but I don’t think that really counts….

    The only sewing thus far was when I tried to sew a small quilt top – so badly I am now UNsewing it. Sewtember’s not going too great, I may have to spend tomorrow sewing this top just to say I have actually sewn something!


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