Winter Dress: Embryonic Stage

I just got this Liberty Lantana fabric for a winter dress:


Looking forward to the long process of finding JUST THE RIGHT COLOR PIPING to use with this. (It’s probably going to be another dress like this one; I’m a sucker for a fabrics with a dark ground and bright designs!)

Lantana is the Liberty wool/cotton blend—I think it’s 80% cotton, 20% wool. It’s a dream to sew with and it’s very warm. Perfect winter fabric!

I need this for an event in February, so now this just has to arrive at warp speed from the UK (and my sewing machine has to make a speedy return from the repair shop)!

Do you have any winter dress plans?

9 thoughts on “Winter Dress: Embryonic Stage

  1. I do have winter dress plans. I don’t have any picture to show, but I’d like to sew this house dress with a fun print. It’s a mumu-type, and I never liked those on my mother when I was a little girl. But now I know why she liked them. Comfort!


  2. Niece’s wedding in Houston, TX in February. So far, I found a fabulous piece of cotton upholstery jacquard with golden temples and fishermen on a royal purple ground, that reverses to the opposite colors. Have cut out a simple jacket (The Sewing Workshop’s Plaza Jacket) that I will make reversible; and eked out a straight skirt from the remnants. Now I have to plan and cut out some sort of blouse … in Houston it is still frowned upon for an old woman to show up topless at a church wedding.


  3. I have winter tunic plans. I have traced out the A-line Tunic and the long sleeves for the fitted T-shirt from the Alabama Chanin books and am seeking to combine them into long sleeve A-line tunics. Bought loads of heavy cotton blend knits at the end of the summer. Tunics are great to wear with leggings when I am at home and can change out of my construction site work wear. I may even draft up a turtleneck version.


  4. Where I live, it’s been a pretty cold winter. Too cold for the few dresses I own, especially. I am really glad to see you’re still around – I first came across your blog from the post “You Don’t Have to Be Pretty.” I was so inspired I saved it in my browser bookmarks, and I’m always pleasantly surprised it’s still around when I feel like re-reading it.

    Anyway, I know I’m new around here, so hello, everybody! Hopefully I’ll see you around. 🙂


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