5WPR's bad practices

Below is the text of a letter I sent to 5WPR on March 12, 2014.

I don’t think they’re a very good PR agency, and I don’t recommend that you use them.

Dear Ronn,

Today I got another irrelevant and unwanted email pitch from 5WPR. I received this pitch despite having emailed nearly TWENTY TIMES (fifteen times in the last year) asking to be taken off your pitch list.

I have replied with a request for removal to multiple pitches from Jocelyn Kahn, Chloe Gallo, Mary Jane Macdonald, Jenna Kogan, Melissa DiMercurio, Courtney LaRue, Megan Kopf, Leah Minium, and Sherria Cotton.

There was even an email back in 2010 from Alexandra Sorice saying you were updating your lists, and did I still want to be contacted with pitches? I replied and asked to be taken off, AGAIN. But to no avail …

I do not write about current fashion. I do not write about celebrities, or alcohol, or celebrities at parties with alcohol. I do not write about handbags, or jewelry, or jeans, or “accessories,” or Halloween costumes, or products to support breast cancer research, or shopping apps or plus-size clothes or pretty much anything, EVER, that you have tried to pitch me. I’m confident that no employee of 5WPR has as much as glanced at my blog in the past five years.

In short: you are DOING IT WRONG. You’re giving PR people a bad (worse) name. You’re essentially spammers, and clueless ones at that.

You are charging your clients for annoying people, wasting their money, my time, and damaging their brand equity and goodwill.

I expect an email by the end of tomorrow, March 13, letting me know that I have been removed from all of your company’s lists.

If, however, I continue to receive irrelevant pitches from 5WPR, instead of replying politely and asking to be removed (since doing that nearly TWENTY TIMES has had NO effect), I will blog this letter, and start tweeting links to it and including @replies to your clients as well.

Sincerely yours,

Erin McKean
A Dress A Day

I got YET ANOTHER pitch from them the morning of March 13, after being assured by Mr. Torossian, 5WPR’s CEO, that I had been removed from all their lists. Thus this post.

0 thoughts on “5WPR's bad practices

  1. At this point aren’t they basically spammers, who refuse to take you off a list? Didn’t congress pass some laws about that?


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