Today's Pattern Story: Butterick 4995

Butterick 4995

Hi! Hi! I am so glad you’re here! Really really glad! Like, super glad! I thought more people would come, but that’s okay! It’s really okay! It can be just you and me! We will have SO MUCH FUN. Like, tons of fun! What’s your name? There are nametags if you want one! I didn’t want one. My name is Samantha but people call me Sam. Or Sammy. Nobody calls me “Mantha,” though that would be funny. Or “Mantha Ray.” It would be funny to have a “Mantha Ray” costume. I think manta rays are beautiful, don’t you? Although they’re a little scary. Just a little.

ANYWAY! Let’s not talk about scary things! I’m glad you’re here! We can get started any time. Now, if you want! Do you want to start now? If you come a little bit closer we can start now. It’s very nice that you’re here! It’s nice to meet you! I would shake your hand but I don’t like germs. Not that I’m saying you’re germy. I just don’t like germs in general. Or milk. I don’t like milk in general either. But if you like milk that’s okay, I just didn’t bring any today. Because I don’t like it.

If you come a little closer we can get started. No, I don’t have anything behind my back. Why do you ask?¬†WHY DON’T YOU COME A LITTLE CLOSER NOW?


Come back!