Revisiting the Hoard

As much as moving sucks (and it really does suck) it also can be the occasion to re-find things you forgot you had. Like these buttons:
more buttons

and these:
even more buttons

and these:
and yes more buttons


The “e” buttons were from this dress, which died a terrible stained death; the black flower buttons were used on a different dress that I can’t remember now; the others are all still waiting their turn with me (although as vintage buttons they’ve had full lives up until now).

I don’t usually start dresses at the buttons; they’re always added in a desperate flurry at the end, where I dump out all my button boxes and hope to find the perfect buttons somewhere in my stash. (I only add buttons in that window between thirty minutes after fabric-store closing time to three hours before fabric-store opening time.) This means that it’s better — actually essential, truly optimal — to have as many buttons as possible, to increase the chances of finding a good match.

As I pack (and unpack) I’ll try to take more pictures …


23 thoughts on “Revisiting the Hoard

  1. beautiful buttons!
    have inherited quite a treasure of buttons of various grannys. nevertheless I construct my patterns possible without buttons – I do not like to make buttonholes …….and no-function buttons are bad design.
    I wish you a smooth move πŸ™‚


  2. love the eeeeeee buttons. they need to go on a neutral dress so they can be seen in all their verbal glory (same with the OOOOOOs)

    : )



  3. I bought someone’s button box at a church sale a few years back. It makes me happy. I filled it up with strings of vintage buttons I got at a flea market. Every now and then, I take them out just to look at them.


  4. “Button, button, who’s got the button?” (Does anyone still play that charming childhood game?) Answer: I’ve got the button! Even if I never put any of them on a garment — and I do — there’s joy to be had in the looking, and sorting, and dreaming of all the button-y things to do with buttons.


  5. Hi all. I hope that this offtopic response finds you guys are the right community to ask this. My friend – a funny and sweet lady, former schoolteacher – just passed away, leaving behind an etsy shop (name of which I don’t know) and tons of patterns. What do I do? I would like to sell her patterns (many vintage) to benefit her husband (she was the breadwinner) …. and also close out her etsy/paypal accounts and finish any remaining orders…. I emailed etsy and haven’t heard from them. Advice???


    • oh, how sad! Have you tried tweeting to @etsy? They seem to be more responsive to tweets.

      As for selling the patterns, you might want to reach out to some of my advertisers (up there on the right) who buy patterns in bulk occasionally … you would make less $$ but it would be faster and get around having to do the paperwork of taking over the store, etc. And they’re really nice people!


      • oh, that’s a really great idea! We’re not needing to make money; I just want to get a little extra income for her husband and get this off his hands. Thank you (I’m sending a tweet right now and contacting your advertisers as well).


      • Done- tweeted to etsy, listed some patterns on etsy, and contacted your advertisers. Any other ideas are welcome! How much are your Ads anyways? please email me!


  6. Hi, Erin.
    As a long time reader, I was thrilled to see you book in the window of a book store on Boulevard St. Germain this week. Yes, that one. In Paris. I have a photo of it, if you keep a collection.


  7. Hi, Erin.
    As a long time reader, I was thrilled to see your book in the window of a book store on Boulevard St. Germain this week. Yes, that one. In Paris. I have a photo of it, if you keep a collection.


  8. Those are some great buttons. I normally buy buttons as I need them but I’m starting to like the idea of having a large stash of buttons because it’s such an ordeal for me to buy buttons. The nearest “local” fabric store is an hour away. Walmart has a few buttons but never anything I can use. I usually order buttons but that takes about a week and doesn’t really work well with sudden impulses to pull one particular piece of fabric out of the stash and finish it TODAY.


  9. L-0-v-e those red deco ones, Erin! You’re right – rediscovering forgotten favourites is a great upside of moving. Hope you’re feeling settled-ish. Have lost track of where you moved to. Far?


  10. Gorgeous! I have some lovely sheen-y pink three hole buttons that I found in a vintage button jar a while ago, which are waiting for the perfect project. They’ll be so cute sewn on in with triangle stitches!


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