day after Christmas = shopping

by Erin on December 26, 2006

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As everyone knows, the way you relax from all the shopping you did before Christmas is … to go out and do more shopping. (Personally, I think this is insane, and I don't do it, except for a quick trip to Target to buy *next* year's wrapping paper and half-price Christmas chocolate.) But, of course, INTERNET shopping doesn't count … and Jen, at is having a big sale. How big? 30% off. Her sale is good on any size order and the secret code is … "saveme30". Her offer will expire at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Don't forget she offers free shipping in North America if you order 5 or more patterns!

In fact, at 30% off, you can even buy patterns like this (tiny-sized 1960s hostess jumpsuits) just for the joy of owning them, without having to justify what is clearly a novelty-value purchase ("It would make a great Bond-girl costume for when I lose twenty pounds and three ribs!") … for $3.15, this pattern is so completely worth it.

Mr. Dress A Day, who is hiding from a holiday gathering with me, says that I should make today's post about gifts you SHOULD return. Which I think is a great idea. I think you should return any gift that came with strings attached, or that was given in the hope that merely unwrapping the box would magically turn you into a completely different person, or gifts that were given to the person the giver wishes you were. Mr. Dress a Day, joking: "Does that mean you're going to return the stripper heels I bought you? Wait, don't write that!" [Mr. Dress a Day actually gave me something AWESOME, but didn't want me to link to it here because it deserves a whole post, and I agree. So tune in tomorrow … ]

Whoops, time for cake! Gotta come out of hiding now …

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