Have yourself an Etsy little Christmas

by Erin on November 27, 2007

Except for The Boy (who is getting a lot of Wiigames and Wiicessories, because the Wii is something we like to play as much as he does — unlike, say, Marvel X-Men Checkers, which even pictures of Wolverine can't redeem — and you can get a CROSSBOW for it), I'm trying to make this a books-and-Etsy-and-maybe-CafePress Christmas, present-wise.

And there is SO MUCH on Etsy, it's not even close to manageable. I had to narrow my jewelry search down to "jewelry necklace pendant red" to even get to FIFTY-TWO pages. That's a lot to choose from!

This one was one of my absolute favorites:

Orange Peel Enamel

Isn't that lovely?

I also went through SEVENTEEN pages of stuff tagged "dictionary", of which I liked this, especially:


This made me laugh out loud:

Rarrar Press

And then there's this handy tote bag from We Are BANG (they have other letters, if your name doesn't begin with E, but if your name doesn't begin with E I suggest changing it, as all the cool kids have chosen to come right after D in the alphabet):

We Are Bang bag

And this scarf, which is a bit pricey, but worth it — handmade and so beautiful:


In addition to some Etsy shopping, I'm also going to make some custom t-shirts for people — this one is for my little boy. He asked me to make him an "I like pie" t-shirt, so, voilĂ :

I like pie

(Don't worry, he doesn't read the blog, this won't ruin Santa for him.)

(I know, I know, we haven't done the Dress A Day t-shirts yet; I got caught up in researching alternate t-shirt suppliers and then got overwhelmed. But soon. And there might be a special Dress A Day holiday-type thingamajig this week, if I'm lucky. Or if you're lucky. Somebody's gonna be lucky. Just you wait.)

Any other suggestions for doing a smaller-and-indie-er Christmas (or great games for the Wii)? Please leave 'em in the comments … and remember, you can click on any of the images above to visit the sellers' pages.

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