Who Knew You Guys Liked Pie So Much?

I Like Pie

Okay — by popular demand (pie-ular demand?) — here's the women's t-shirt (click on the image to follow the link). Here's the men's shirt. Available in a range of colors. If you don't like pie, please don't buy one. (Truth in t-shirts is a pet peeve of mine.)

Have fun!

0 thoughts on “Who Knew You Guys Liked Pie So Much?

  1. You know what I really need? A maternity pie t-shirt. The double meaning is too humorous to resist.Speaking of pie, if you aren’t watching “Pushing Daisies,” you should be.


  2. Thank you thank you thank you! It’s so hard to find gifts for my husband, but he loves great T-shirts and that’s something he says all the time. Exactly what he says, he’s going to think I made this shirt specially for him. Hee!


  3. I must say you are right about lifestyle/t shirt maxim congruence. My husband once bought on of those “life is good” stick figure t shirts that said “simplify” When I indicated a desire for one myself, he said no, it didn’t suit me. He said, if I want a life philosophy t-shirt, mine has to say “accessorize”I’ll admit he’s right.


  4. My father loved pie, many in our family also love pie. I would rather make a pie than do most anything else in the kitchen. We have always celebrated with birthday pie instead of a boring cake. When my father first held my son, he turned to my mother and said, “this is the pie”. That is such a lovely memory for me of how much my father loved his grandchildren. Thanks for the little nudge to remember it.


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