Sometimes, it's all about the accessories

Manchester Galleries

Sometimes the dress is accessorized, and sometimes the accessories are dressed.

Click on the image to go to the really interesting Manchester Gallery of Costume, which I did not know existed before I started idly googling to find fodder for Dress A Day. (Don't say that blogging never teaches you anything, kids!) It seems that "For the serious student of dress, the Gallery of Costume offers research facilities unrivalled in the north of England. Access to costumes and textiles in the reserve collection can be arranged by appointment, as can use of the library and archive, which holds some 18,000 books and much other material." I may now have to go to Manchester. The Gallery's website also helpfully notes that "Neighbouring Rusholme is the curry capital of the North West." So: TWO reasons to go to Manchester and environs.

0 thoughts on “Sometimes, it's all about the accessories

  1. Feel free to use any of the scans of my pattern inventory for your dress a day fodder. For now, they’re here, but I expect to be changing servers before the end of the year. I’ll let you know when I make the switch. –Lydia, sewretro


  2. Thanks! You know I love your taste in patterns …I can run the images off my server so as not to eat your bandwidth. Just let me know.And good luck with the move!


  3. You can either link or copy them onto your own disk/server for future use. Whichever is easier for you!Lydia


  4. I have had curry in Rusholme, and can vouch for its tastiness. There’s a local joke that all the restaurants are served by one giant kitchen and connected by underground tunnels.Am enjoying the blog…smonster


  5. Oooo, I can’t click on the link yet, but I wonder if the Manchester Galleries are the ones that house the Cunnington collection that’s the backbone of the Laura Ashley book:Tozer, Jane, and Sarah Levitt: Fabric of Society: A Century of People and Their Clothes 1770-1870, Laura Ashley Ltd., 1983; ISBN 0-9508913-0-4Not that I’m an unreconstructed fabric/fashion geek, oh no …


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