For advanced students only

ebay item 8305987417
It's okay to have a mod fantasy. It's okay to have several mod fantasies. It's okay if they involve scooters, even, and high white boots, and the soundtrack to Absolute Beginners.

However, think long and hard before you turn your mod fantasy into reality. It just might be one of those things, like pie-eating contests or dating somebody who's really hot but really stupid, that are better when they stay in the idea stage. Mod dresses look so cute. They do. Especially on the model. In real life, however, they ride up, they have no pockets, and they make scooter-riding drafty. (Yes, even with tights.)

If you're determined to make mod happen, though, you couldn't do much better than this dress from Dadadie Brücke. Click on the image to go to her website.

0 thoughts on “For advanced students only

  1. Everyone loves racing stripes!Besides, you could still kill people while wearing that dress, right? Then you have a mod bod.


  2. In high school I would make too many mistakes if I stayed up late at night, so I’d get up at 4 a.m. and sew before school!


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