Two classics meet cute

Lanvin Fall 05 dress
Grecian-inspired dress and raw-edged jersey make a nice couple. Not too pretty-pretty, not too trying-too-hard edgy. From the Lanvin 2005 collection. Click on the image to go to the slideshow. Lanvin has some nice (and when I say "nice," I mean "huge") prints for the fall, too, so it's worth clicking through the slideshow.

And a big hello to everyone here by the recommendation of the darling Manolo!

0 thoughts on “Two classics meet cute

  1. Hello to you! The Manolo continues to introduce his fans to the many super-fantastic fashion blogs. I’ll be back!


  2. Would you email me? I have a question about finding a dress (the one I want isn’t available in the size I need, grrr) and you seem like you would know the best places to look for what I have in mind. It would make me very very happy if you could offer some advice. Thank you.(


  3. That’s very similar to the dress that Natalie Portman wore to the Oscars. Or was it the Globes. Now I’m wondering if that was Lanvin.


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