Pure Sugar

Daddy-O dress
This dress is pure sugar. The collar. The bow. The piping. The pockets! Don't wear this out in the rain, it's so sweet it just might melt. (It's actually made of polyester, but this dress is so adorable that I'm trying not to hold that against it.) Click on the image to order it from Daddy-O's. Their whole site looks great for retro repros. Don't miss the Stop Staring Betty Polka Dot Swing Dress and the Stop Staring Carina Swing Dress. If only they were made of natural fibers … hint, hint.

0 thoughts on “Pure Sugar

  1. So sweet! The polyester is a bit much to swallow, but I can overlook it. One of my favourite dresses is a white sleeveless shift dress with navy polkadots, and it is made of the polyester. It’s too cute to let that bother me, though. Good site!


  2. I have several of their dresses, and for poly they’re not bad at all. They don’t look like a cheap fabric, and they flow beautifully. The stretch makes them fabulous for dancing, too. The two-tone hollywood is actually my favorite dress, to the point that I worry people talk about how much I wear it.


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